The Star


I was the star on that Holy night

Into the cave I shone my light

I heard Mary’s birthing pain

I touched the babe in a manger lain.


I saw the shepherds shrink in fear

When the Angel host in the sky appeared

I led them into Bethlehem

Where they could come and worship Him.


I heard the horse and camel reins

As wise men prepared to search for Him

I saw Herod’s angry hate

When an angel’s message made him too late


I saw the gifts the wise men brought

Each one with but a single thought

To worship God was their intent

One of the gifts was frankincense


The Myrrh they brought His death foretold

And for their King they brought pure gold

I witnessed this and wondered then

What other gifts would be brought by men


The years have passed and still I see

That He is sought by humanity

His birth is celebrated now

And before His throne we meekly bow


Our God made you and He made me

To shine for Him for eternity

So go into the world and never lose

The gift to tell of this Good News.



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